My Chat with Leslie, Owner of OrganizeMe!

It took a global Pandemic to show me that my abysmal organizational skills were not a result of a lack of free time. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’m not organized, and if I want to implement organizational systems in my household, I need professional help. 

And I’m not alone. After speaking with Leslie, founder of Organize Me! I learned others have come to the same conclusion, and business is booming for her one-woman operation. After her position as Volunteer Director with Mt. Carmel got cut due to COVID, she decided to pursue her goal of opening her own cleaning business and teaching others how to “Create Calm out of Chaos.” 

It wasn’t easy starting a business, especially a business involving entering people’s homes, during COVID, but Leslie made it work. She made sure to book her appointments weeks in advance so both she and the client could adequately prepare, and she used proper precautions when doing her work. 

Leslie has always been an organized person. From her childhood dolls to her sock drawers, she had a system in place for everything. As an adult, she spent her free time helping her friends organize their own homes and realized that she had a passion for helping others develop personalized systems that work for them. 

Leslie assures me that people are hungry for organization; they crave it to feel more in control of their lives. She takes this hunger and creates a simplistic system that people can follow when she leaves their home. Labels are a big part of her business. Something so small as an organized pantry or a clean linen closet can make the biggest difference in someone’s life. 

During Spring and Summer, she spends a lot of time organizing garages. She loves helping with this part of the home because she says it’s often a homeowner’s first room they enter when they get home from work, and it helps create a calm atmosphere. With this minor adjustment, the entire family benefits. 

Leslie tells me she doesn’t subscribe to “Instagram worthy” cleans but prides herself on practical, easy-to-maintain systems that she knows are easy to follow. To her, function is more important than beauty. 

A big part of Leslie’s job is teaching someone how to let go of things that don’t serve them anymore. It can be tricky when trinkets hold sentimental value, and she likes to suggest to people who are having trouble letting go of the clutter to take photos of individual items to save in an album.

It’s a fine line she walks. She doesn’t want to insult someone by suggesting they get rid of something that means a lot to them, but she also sees how the accumulation of stuff has made their home chaotic.

Some of her most challenging jobs have involved memorabilia of a relative who has passed. She likes to hold the items herself when she’s working through a room or closet with a client. She acts as a buffer as it’s easier for clients to let go of something when they are not physically touching it. 

She also says she gets many calls from older individuals who recently had to clean out their own parent’s house after they passed. They don’t want their children to go through the same pain, so they call an organizer to help them sort through their clutter while they’re alive. 

So what does the future hold for OrganizeMe!? 

Leslie isn’t sure. She says she feels she is too much of a perfectionist to hire someone else. She is happy where she is, and she plans to keep going. Unlike many small business owners I talk to, Leslie isn’t determined to expand or make a fortune. The fulfillment she feels helping others create calm out of chaos is enough for her. She ended our interview on a note of wisdom.

“If you’re surrounded by the things you love, you are happy. Things don’t bring you happiness. Surround yourself with good people. “

If you are interested in Leslie’s services, check her out on Instagram at @OrganizeMe! or give her a call at 614-349-5757. 

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