My Interview with local baker- Lindsey Moffit- owner of Cupcakes by Lindsey

Lindsey appears on the zoom screen, a bright smile and two braids hanging over her shoulders. Baking-inspired art hangs on the wall behind her-motivational quotes, a colorful mixer painting- each one expressing her love for baking. Before we even start speaking, it is clear she loves what she does. 

Our conversation flows seamlessly as Lindsey walks me through her background, how she got started and where she wants her business to go. To my surprise, before 2016, she had never baked professionally! Lindsey used to own a daycare center, which she also loved but decided it was time to go in a different direction after several years. She made her first custom cake for her oldest daughter’s first birthday and realized this is where her passion lies. It’s obvious Lindsey puts her heart into every endeavor she pursues. 4.5 years ago, baking was a simple pastime, a stress reliever, and something she did to show her love for friends and family. Her decision to pursue the business full time and let go of her daycare was a total leap of faith.

As a single mother of two young children, Lindsey struggled financially to afford the overhead necessary to make her business a success. She had to juggle watching her young children, who were not yet in school, while baking full time. Money was so tight, she couldn’t even afford measuring cups and had to eyeball all of her ingredients. However, she was determined to succeed. Baking came naturally to her, and her friends raved about the custom cakes she would make for birthday parties and other events. This encouragement gave her the confidence she needed to stay at it and continue to improve.  
Her inspiration for custom themes and decorations came mostly from Pinterest, and soon her Facebook page filled up with beautifully decorated treats. More friends started asking her to make cakes for their children’s birthday parties, and she took on every order, often using youtube videos to gather ideas and teach herself specific techniques.

Flash forward to today, Lindsey is a social media guru, mostly getting new customers from her Facebook and Instagram page. From her pages, you would think that she is also a professional photographer, but her works of art are naturally photogenic. Her Instagram is the perfect mix of her creations with bits of her personal life thrown in. Her three adorable daughters often make an appearance, and it’s clear they want to be just like their mom.

I am amazed every time I scroll through her pictures and take in the range of her work. I genuinely don’t know how she puts together every theme so perfectly, but some of her pictures make me laugh out loud with their creativity and wit. Some notable images include several custom “slime” cakes, cupcakes arranged and decorated as a llama, a mini mouse cake with perfectly laid fondant, a sloth cake with a party hat made from an ice cream cone, and so much more. 

Lindsey’s creations don’t just look amazing, they are delicious as well. Lindsey entered the 2020 Columbus Dessert fest, and she was voted best dessert-an incredible honor and quite the accomplishment as a first-time contestant. Her most popular flavor is her strawberry cheesecake crunch, inspired by the ice cream bars that come out of vending machines and that we all used to eat as kids! 

When COVID hit, Lindsey, like all small business owners, was worried. Many of her orders consisted of custom cakes and treats for events, so she assumed business would fall off. However, to her surprise, she doubled her business in 2020. It turns out, even though people don’t have events to attend or host, they still want their treat fix. 

Unlike most bakers, Lindsey’s dream isn’t to own a storefront. Instead, she wants to continue to expand, eventually moving out of her home to a professional kitchen space and maybe eventually owning a food truck. Dessert food trucks are much less common, and she sees an opportunity to participate in food truck festivals as people often want something sweet after they’ve eaten a meal. 

However, keeping the quality consistent is her number one goal. She prefers quality over quantity and makes sure not to take on more orders than she can handle, so she never sacrifices her high standards. She always wants her customers to be satisfied with their orders to ensure they keep coming back for more.

Something that surprised me about the small business baking world is the love and support small bakers show one another. Lindsey says all of the bakers in Columbus are close and trade tips and network quite often. They see one another as a support system rather than each other’s competition. She is always quick to repost another baker’s work and even refers some of her clients to other bakers she trusts when she can’t take on any more orders. They all love to see each other win, and they make sure to look out for one another. 

Lindsay is a beautiful soul with an eye for business and baking. She often posts her sample boxes on her social media pages, and they sell out quickly, so make sure to follow and snag one when they’re available! Her menu is available on both her Instagram and Facebook pages, along with her availability. Make sure to follow @cupcakes_by_lindsey on Instagram and reach out if you need a sweet treat. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Are you a small business owner who is interested in an interview and would like to be featured? Please reach out to, and we will set up a time to talk! Small businesses make our community great, and I love the opportunity to learn more about you and your business! 

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