Tips for Hiring the Best Real Estate Agent in Columbus, OH

You are finally ready to sell your home. Maybe you’ve finished the endless list of repairs that needed to be completed before you listed, or perhaps you are at a loss of what needs to be done before you sell. Either way, you’ve typed “real estate agent in Columbus, OH” into Google and scrolled through endless pages of competent agents. How do you choose? Where do you start? How does one pick the right agent for them?

Agents are People 

Unlike asking a friend for advice on buying a new dishwasher-the best brand, the best store, etc., a real estate agent is a human being with a unique personality. An agent who worked well for your best friend may not have the qualities that will jive with your personality. It’s good to ask friends who have recently bought or sold for their agent’s contact information but don’t just choose the agent because your friend suggested them. Sit down with several different prospective agents. Ask them about themselves, their hobbies outside of real estate, and their plan for selling your home. If the conversation flows easily, you like what they are saying, and you like the individual’s personality,  chances are you will have a good working relationship because your personalities mesh well. 

Past Transactions are Important but Not Everything. 

Sellers are always told to ask a prospective real agent in Columbus, OH the number of transactions they have closed this year. While this is a great question to understand the agent’s experience level, don’t just go with the agent with the most transactions without thinking about other factors. 

The real estate agent who has done 100 transactions this year may not be very personable and might not answer their phone (you would be surprised as to the number of top-performing real estate agents in Columbus, OH who are impossible to reach). They most likely have a team behind them handling their listings, and you will never actually meet the top-performing agent in person. 

This working relationship bothers many clients who don’t realize this until after they have signed a listing agreement.  If a top-performing agent who will get the job done is all that is important to you, then it’s a good idea to go with the agent with the most transactions.

However, if you want a real agent in Columbus, OH, who will listen to your needs, work with you themselves, keep you updated throughout the process, and will be available when you need them, it is better to interview different agents and pick the one that feels right. 

I have met several newer agents willing to go above and beyond for their clients to build a name for themselves. This is where genuine conversation with a prospective agent is so important. You can usually get a sense of an individual’s work ethic in their past endeavors or in their personal life which can help you determine the effort they will put into listing your home.

Get a Sense of an Agent’s Marketing Strategies and their Specific Plan for your Home 

Selling a house as a real estate agent in Columbus, OH, is pretty easy nowadays. For the past five years, it’s been a hot seller’s market, so top-performing listing agents have not had to do much to get top dollar for their client’s homes. 

However, this is shifting. A hot seller’s market has to come to an end at some point, and while there is still debate as to when this transition will occur (stay tuned for another article about this), you want to make sure you hire an agent who plans to do more than plop your home on the MLS and letting it “sell itself.”

Consider asking them these questions:

Have you worked with a seller who wanted to list for a price way over the home’s actual value? How do you handle these kinds of listings? Were you able to perform in the past? 

This question helps gives you insight on how an agent handles conflict and their problem-solving abilities. There is almost ALWAYS a snag between you listing your home to signing papers at the closing table, and you want to make sure your agent knows how to handle problems with grace. 

My Answer: Yes, I have worked with many stubborn sellers who wanted to list their home over market value. Once the listing goes live, these prices have cut out prospective buyers. Buyers know the market is hot, and it’s hard to get a house for the list price. Therefore, if a house is listed at the top of a buyer’s budget or just outside of their budget, they won’t bother looking and won’t have the chance to fall in love. For houses like these, I turn to my investor network. There are plenty of out-of-state investors willing to pay higher prices because they are looking for a long-term, cash-flowing asset. They are eager to bank on appreciation where most home buyers won’t take this risk. 

How do you strategize to get multiple offers? 

This question is essential because there are strategies to attracting multiple offers, and your agent should have one or several that have worked for their past listings. 

My answer: I do ample research before listing the property to ensure we are listing at the right price. I extensively review closed and active transactions in the neighborhood to make sure there aren’t similar homes currently priced below your listing. I also am part of a large, top-performing brokerage, Keller Williams Greater Columbus, and send my new listings out to fellow agents within my brokerage who will personally show their buyers. I encourage my sellers to give plenty of time for showings so as many buyers can tour the house as possible. I also ALWAYS hold an open house to sneak in some final offers over the weekend. I use the “coming soon” feature to build anticipation, and most of my listings that are priced right go under contract within five days, with the seller having their pick of multiple offers. 

Do you have other agents that would recommend you?

This one is an interesting question and one that most people don’t think to ask. Us real estate agents in Columbus, OH, view other Columbus agents as our competition. 

However, I have several agents who I have worked with who would have no problem speaking highly of me to a prospective client because they know my work ethic and know I would do the same for them. They know I work hard in my transactions, extensively communicate, and am FRIENDLY. Too many agents are polite to their clients but rude and condescending to other agents. 

Rude agents who don’t respect other agents make a bad name for themselves in the real estate community, and many of them are top-performing agents. I know many buyers agents who have tried to persuade their clients to make an offer on one house over another because they simply did not want to work with a particular listing agent.

If a listing agent has a bad reputation, you could be hurting your chances of getting the best offers because buyers agents just don’t want to deal with an obnoxious and rude listing agent. This is a huge red flag if an agent can’t give you the name of at least two fellow real agents in Columbus, OH, who have previously loved working with them. 

Please consider contacting me if you are ready to start interviewing real estate agents in Columbus, OH. I am prepared to answer all of your questions and get top dollar for your home with my creative marketing strategy. Give me a call today or click here to fill out my seller’s form.

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