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Columbus is the place for foodies. Whether you are new to Columbus, just visiting the area, or have lived here your whole life, there are always new restaurants and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. My husband and I love finding new restaurants with exceptional service and delicious entrees, and we make it a point to try somewhere new as often as we revisit old favorites. We sure missed out on going out during shut down, so we are making up for it now! These are two of our latest finds!

Arrepazzo (Gahanna)

We love visiting the Creekside plaza and Creekside Park in Gahanna. The beautiful fountain, phenomenal restaurants, and shaded paths are a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. We’ve tried most of the restaurants,in the plaza but recently ventured down Mill St to eat at Arepazo Tapas and Wine. It’s a Gahanna favorite, and I don’t know why it took us so long to try it ourselves! As a proud Latina, I am always looking for authentic Latin food, particularly corn-based dishes, and Arepazo did not disappoint! The staff is friendly, and the food is delicious! 

Arepazo has another larger location in the Brewery District that opened in 2014 but their Gahanna location is small and feels particularly intimate. The restaurant was busy on a Friday night so we chose to sit outside so we could be seated immediately. Several groups waited for a table and the staff was fast and efficient with getting everyone seated as soon as possible. For an appetizer we got Tostones (friend plantains) con Guacamole and Venezuelen Tequenos (white cheese wrapped and fried in a pastry dough). I am a plantain gal myself and we figured you can never go wrong with fried cheese. The dishes came with a side of their famous cilantro sauce which was heavenly. The guacamole was fresh and the Tostones were super filling but we ended up finishing them because they were so good. For our entree I ordered a Tostado with Chicken and my husband got the Chilaquiles because he loves his spicy foods. Both dishes were delicious but we were so full from our appetizers we both had to take most of our entree home. I can confirm the Tostado was just as good the next day! I wish we had had room for dessert because I am always on the hunt for a good tres leches cake (I’ve never found one that is as good as my Abuelita’s). 

Eating outside we heard several happy patrons returning to their car raving about their own dishes and we couldn’t agree more! Arepazo Tapas and Wine serves delicious, high quality Venezuelan food so make sure to check it out for yourself! 

Scotty’s Cafe (Bexley) 

Even though we have lived on the East Side of Columbus (Reynoldsburg) for over a year now, we just recently tried Scotty’s Cafe in Bexley. Scotty himself cooks in the back but makes it a point to walk around the restaurant throughout the day, checking in on his patrons and greeting everyone like a lifelong friend. Scotty’s wife Gina also works in the restaurant and her smiling face and playful banter can pull anyone out of a bad mood.  From the moment you walk in, you can tell the restaurant is a family run establishment, as it just has that homey feel. Even though the restaurant is incredibly popular in Bexley, we’ve been lucky enough to never wait for a table (we’ve visited three times since we first tried it back in March). The restaurant is open from 8AM-2PM during the week, serving breakfast and lunch, and is closed on the weekend to focus on the catering side of the business.  

The simple menu is inspired by the family’s Jewish heritage so corned beef, latkas, and challah bread are staples. The prices are incredibly low for the portions and the quality of the food. The family knows many of their patrons are stopping in on their lunch break or before a shift, so they are always sure to move quickly and get orders out as fast as possible. I typically get an omelete as they are fluffy, huge and incredibly filling. On my most recent visit I splurged and got the Challah french toast and I ate every bite! 

Desserts are free with a purchase of an entree and Gina will slip a cookie into your to go order if you forget! If you are in the mood for an affordable, delicious meal in a family run establishment do not hesitate to visit Scotty’s Cafe! 


What is your favorite restaurant in Columbus? Let me know in the comments! 

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