“Ready to get set up on a search for Reynoldsburg OH Homes for Sale?”

If you are ready to seriously start your house hunt in Reynoldsburg, OH, fill out the form to the right, and I will be in touch within 24 hours. Because I am a Reynoldsburg homeowner myself, I am confident I can set you up for success in your search for Reynoldsburg OH homes for sale. We will jump on a quick phone call or meet for coffee to discuss your needs and what you are looking for in your new home. If you are interested in a tour of Reynoldsburg, I would be happy to drive you around and take you to some of my favorite Reynoldsburg spots, such as Big Walnut Creek Park (great for dogs and kids) and Prost beer and wine if you are a craft beer enthusiast. As a Reynoldsburg YMCA member, I could take you through the facility as a guest!

Are you a busy parent with no time to meet? No worries! As a longtime nanny and older sister, I love being around children, so I will always accommodate families with busy lives. I can stop by your work on your lunch break, swing by your home after the kids go to bed, or meet early in the morning. I find it’s essential to get all decision-makers together when discussing housing needs, so I am open to meet wherever and whenever everyone can make it! I am here to accommodate your needs!

After we meet and I get a feel for you and your family’s unique needs, I will set you up on a customized search for Reynoldsburg OH homes for sale so you will get an email anytime a new Reynoldsburg home that meets your criteria comes on the market. I grew up a part of a large family in the Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington, so I am well versed in what makes a great suburban home for a family.

Next Steps:

  • If you are not already preapproved and are planning on financing your new home, you will need to work on getting a preapproval letter from a lender. I work with a fantastic lender located in Pickerington who can quickly get your information and determine your budget through a preapproval process he will walk you through. My lender even uses an app for the preapproval process. My past clients have all told me what an easy experience they have had!
  • Once I get you set up on a search, you will want to check your email regularly and reach out to me IMMEDIATELY when you see a house you like. With the market as hot as it is, we will need to move quickly to make a competitive offer.
  • Start making offers on homes that match your needs and get you and your family in your new Reynoldsburg home.


Reynoldsburg is a hot market right now due to its affordability compared to other similar suburbs. Reynoldsburg also has various housing opportunities, from newer homes in traditional suburban neighborhoods to fixer-uppers to houses with acreage-and everything in between. On our initial meeting/phone call, we will determine the right option for you and your family and set up your search accordingly.

My husband and I were able to buy an older home from the original owners that sits on half an acre. We have spent the last year renovating it and making it our own, and I couldn’t be happier with the process and the area we’ve chosen to call home! Let me share my love of Reynoldsburg with you and your family!

Reynoldsburg has a unique approach to its school system. There are two high school campuses, each with two specialized schools that help your child hone their passion and prepare for a career in a field in which they are interested. Want to learn more about Reynoldsburg schools and if the district is right for your child? I can connect you with the appropriate person to speak to and even set up an initial meeting so you get an idea of your child’s future schooling experience and can determine if Reynoldsburg schools are right for you and your family.