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Reynoldsburg mural located on E Main St.

Reynoldsburg OH is a suburb East of downtown Columbus. Reynoldsburg is located in Franklin, Fairfield, and Licking county. in 2020 announced Reynoldsburg-more specifically the 43068 zip code- was the second hottest housing market in the nation. Are you ready to get set up on a customized search for Reynoldsburg OH Homes for sale? Fill out the form here and let’s chat about your needs! My husband and I are residents of Reynoldsburg and love the small-town feel combined with big-city amenities. We can tell you all about the best places to live within Reynoldsburg as well as the best places to eat, shop, and explore!

Reynoldsburg is known as the birthplace of the modern Heirloom tomato. In the 1800’s -what was known as a wild tomato was small, hollow, and irregular shaped. Alexander Livingston-one of Reynoldburg’s first residents– set out to create something more desirable. Through painstaking trial and error and extreme patience (it took him 20 years), Alexander finally was successful in cultivating the large, juicy red fruit known as the paragon tomato that we know and love today! To celebrate this rich history, every August, Reynoldsburg holds a 3-day FREE festival called the Tomato Festival with live music, carnival rides, and a two-day chili cook-off. It’s one of Reynoldsburg resident’s favorite summer activities!  

Reynoldsburg Government

Reynoldsburg has a City Council made up of seven members and an elected president. The council has four committees: finance, service, safety, and community development. The City Council meets twice a month and meetings are open to the public. Reynoldsburg has an active community of residents who are heavily involved in the city’s decision-making process. Reynoldsburg also has its own police force and employs 70 officers and eight dispatchers. The station is located at 7240 E Main St directly behind the City of Reynoldsburg government office building. The crime rate in Reynoldsburg has always been lower than the national average but The index shows the crime rate in Reynoldsburg is also steadily decreasing. Interested in living in a safe community away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Columbus? Click here to be set up on a search for Reynoldsburg OH Homes for Sale.

Reynoldsburg Community Amenities and Historic Sites

Reynoldsburg is home to the Blacklick Woods Golf Course. This expansive 235-acre golf course has two challenging course-one nine and one 18 hole- for experienced golfers. Blacklick Woods Golf Course was rated in the top ten most difficult golf courses in Columbus by Business First. Blacklick Woods also has two rental facilities available for hourly and day rental that are great for hosting weddings, baby showers, graduation parties etc.

The Livingston House located on Graham Rd is owned by the city of Reynoldsburg and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The house was built by Alexander Livingston himself-the founder of Reynoldsburg and the man who developed the modern-day tomato-for which Reynoldsburg is known. The restored historical home is open for tours and the property grows tomatoes, sweet corn, cabbage, and other vegetables all from seeds supplied by the Livingston Seed Company-Alexander Livingston’s business now headquartered in Norton MA.

The Reynoldsburg also has its own YCMA off of E Main St that first opened in January 2020. The facility features basketball courts, strength and cardio equipment, both an indoor and outdoor pool, and a kids center that offers members childcare while they work out. The facility offers several classes for senior citizens, as well as swim lessons, family activities, and social services. Interested in becoming a resident and taking advantage of this gorgeous new facility? Click here to start a search for Reynoldsburg OH Homes for sale and come join the community!

Prost Cafe

Reynoldsburg Shops and Restaurants

Downtown Reynoldsburg has a quaint small-town vibe with boutiques, shops, and local restaurants lining the street. Below are some local favorite establishments:

Prost located on E Main St in the historic part of downtown Reynoldsburg is a beer and wine cafe with a variety of local craft beers, a delicious menu, and beautiful outdoor patio seating.

GG Antiques and More is a vintage shop with tons of unique finds. They offer vintage, new, used, and repurposed items. Their collection is expansive and residents say their prices are reasonable. They have an active facebook page where they promote items for sale.

Holly Hills Farm meat shop is a local Reynoldsburg butcher shop offering fresh, hand-cut meats daily. The family-owned business prides themselves on their chemical-free selection of meat and deli items. Their selection of sausages is made in-house as well as most of their deli salads. They cater to the local community and have been known to help customers find specific cuts of meat they don’t carry.

While The Loving Hut is located on E Livingston and not in downtown Reynoldsburg, it is still a staple of the community and loved by Reynoldsburg residents and non-residents alike. The restaurant features gourmet cuisine made with vegan ingredients. While The Loving Hut is a chain restaurant, each location features a unique and localized menu. The Reynoldsburg branch’s menu features American, Italian, and Asian-inspired dishes that bring variety and flavor to the vegan diet.

Reynoldsburg Schools

Reynoldsburg schools have an above-average rating. Niche gives Reynoldsburg schools an overall B rating. Reynoldsburg schools are extremely diverse with minority enrollment making up 64% of the student body. It was rated #1 out of 605 for most diverse districts in Ohio. The graduation rate is exceptionally high at 92% (compared to the state average of 82%) and Reynoldsburg has one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools in Ohio. There are 6 Elementary Schools, 4 Middle Schools, and 4 High Schools (divided across two campuses).

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools

Livingston Campus

  • BELL (Business, Education, Leadership and Law)
  • HS2 (Health Science and Human Services)

Summit Campus

  • ENCORE (Art, Communication and Design)
  • eSTEM (Environmental Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Do you have a specific school in mind for your child? We can customize your search for Reynoldsburg OH homes for sale to find you a home close to the school where you want your child to attend. Click here to start your search for you and your family’s dream Reynoldsburg home!

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